The Tenterfield Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. (TTCV Inc) began in 1998. After holding a public meeting in November of that year with interested people who wished to join and help form the Club. Jan Thomas from the TTCA came over from SA to help with the running of the meeting. With a lot of interested people, we were able to hold our first Committee Meeting the following month to elect a President (Vern Haywood), Vice President (Conny Adams), Secretary (Cheryl McCarthy) and Treasurer (Rose Mackey). General Committee members were, Kaye Haywood, Christine Bentley and Aniko Brunning. We also decided on two State Delegates to the TTC of Aust. Inc. Since then the Club has progressed from approximately 10 members to between the 30 to 40 members.
Jane Harvey, who at that time was a member of the VCA Management Committee, also attended this Meeting and the first Committee Meeting and assisted us in those early years. Under her guidance the necessary Constitution was written and also Jane persuaded the VCA to allow us to use recognized judges.
In April of 1999, we ran our first Members Competition judged by Jane Harvey. We had approximately 75 dogs attend on what was a historic day for our Club. Since then we have held a Members Competition each year.
Our affiliation with the Victorian Canine Association Inc. (VCA) was in 2002 after the recognition of our breed with the ANKC.
In 2004 we held the first official Specialty Championship and Open Shows for the breed anywhere in Australia.  
With the forming of the National Tenterfield Terrier Council (Aust). in 2006, which then did away with the TTCA, Clubs were then able to host a National Show.

In 2007 we put up our hand to host the inaugural show to be held at KCC Park in September 2009.
This was a huge success and was a lot of hard work for the 2 years leading up the Show.


Our theme was old time Australia with our Judge and Steward dressing for the occasion.
Also our Trophies were unique for the Show with the Best In Show received a one of a kind painting.


We have also run Shows either in conjunction with or as well as Fun or Activity Days and in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting (AGM). These, have included the following activities such as obstacle courses, lure racing, introduction to Earthdog, best dressed dog, as well as children’s competitions containing puzzle and general games about dogs.



of the Club in Victoria

Please take some time to enjoy some memories from the the 1st National Tenterfield Show held in Victoria in September 2009

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