The Tenterfield Terrier is a simple ‘wash and wear’ dog.  They require very little upkeep, other than trimming their toenails, keeping teeth clean (as with any breed) and occasionally brushing to remove loose hair (especially when dropping summer and winter coats).




The Tenterfield Terrier is extremely adaptable to most home situations. 

Whether being an active working terrier on the farm or a loving household companion.

‘Tenties’ are suitable for both children and the elderly. 

They will eagerly play and romp with the children or curl up on the knee of someone less active. 

They love getting out and about for a walk or run, or will happily enjoy a game of ball with those who are unable to take them for a walk.




If you have read this information and would like to know more about the breed, meet other Tenterfield Terriers (and their owners), or interested in being involved in the Tenterfield Terrier Club of Victoria, please contact the club. (Contact details listed)